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IPIS seeks to be a key reference worldwide for all information related to our three core themes of research: arms trade, the exploitation of natural resources and corporate social responsibility in Sub-Saharan Africa. In order to enhance our reputation as a necessary and independent source of information, we aim at two objectives: to expand our unique field expertise which distinguishes us from other research institutes; to observe the highest quality standards for the output of our research. IPIS indeed wants to transform its field expertise into reports, dossiers, briefings and and training activities that excel in objectivity, soundness, clarity and usefulness.

As a pluralistic and impartial NGO we put our extensive network and expertise to the service of organisations and individuals of all ideological and religious persuasions, provided they are committed to peace, human rights and development in the South. That way we provide the informational component necessary for all actions aimed at peace and development. Our sources in African countries stretch from the grassroots level to the elites, which guarantees the balanced perspective on the South that we wish to convey.

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