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Intern Papers

On this page we post papers authored by our interns. It usually concerns a résumé of a master's dissertation, reworked with editorial advice from IPIS. IPIS wants to offer students or recent graduates the possibility to further develop their research and writing skills in an environment that allows for a more investigative journalistic approach.
The views expressed in these papers do not necessarily reflect the views of IPIS.
A Taxonomy of Non-State Armed Actors in the Central African Republic
Jasper Bauters, January 2012
Conflict Motives in Kenya's North Rift Region
Jan Van den Broeck, September 2011
From Kanga to Kitenge: exploring patterns of cultural change in the Kigoma region
Annelies Smets, May 2011
MONUC/MONUSCO and Civilian Protection in the Kivus
Julie Reynaert, February 2011
Donor Engagement in Fragile States: A Case Study of Donors in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the OECD Principles for Good International Engagement in Fragile States
Devin M. Cahill, December 2007
The legal aspects of the Kimberley Process
Frans Schram, January 2007
Vredesoperaties in Rwanda en Congo: Lessen voor het ontwerp van militair-humanitaire interventies (147)
Alexander Mattelaer, 2006

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