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Mapping Conflict Motives: 'Province Orientale' (DRC)
Steven Spittaels & Filip Hilgert, March 2010

The districts of Ituri, Haut-Uele, Bas-Uele and the territory of Bafwasende continue to suffer from armed groups. Generally speaking, the strength of the armed groups throughout Orientale is limited and their effectives are few. Moreover, there is a considerable presence of the Congolese army.
The Uele districts are the two most northern districts of Orientale bordering the Central African Republic and Sudan. In the course of 2009, they have repeatedly come to the fore of news coverage on the DRC because of the hunt for the LRA rebels. This hunt chased the LRA from its bases within the Garamba Park. It caused the break-up of the armed group in a number of smaller units that took flight in different directions and perpetrated a seemingly endless series of serious human rights violations against the civilian population.

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