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Mapping interests in conflict areas: Katanga.
Steven Spittaels & Nick Meynen, August 2007

Revised version August 2007.

'Mapping interests in conflict areas: Katanga' reports on the presence of (ex-) combatants in the Congolese province of Katanga. It focuses on two broad categories: the 'Forces Armées de la République Démocratique du Congo' (FARDC) and the Mayi-Mayi militias. There is no significant presence of other armed groups in the region. After the surrender of the warlord Gédéon in May 2006, the large majority of the remaining Mayi-Mayi groups have demobilised and disarmed. They have chosen to reintegrate into civilian life but this has proven to be a difficult process.
The FARDC are still represented all over the province although their numbers have been significantly reduced. It is an amalgam of the former government army ('Forces Armées Congolaises', FAC) and the different rebel armies that fought during the Congo wars. The positions of the (ex-) combatants in the region are shown on a first set of maps that accompanies the report. Their possible interests are indicated on a second one. The maps and the report focus on four regions where security problems are persisting into 2007.

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