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Mapping Conflict Minerals: Eastern DRC (2013-2014)

IPIS developed a new web mapping solution to provide hard to find data on mineral extraction in conflict and high-risk areas in Eastern DRC. 

The data is collected through field research by nine teams, composed of civil society and Congolese mining administration. A first version of the map, resulting from the collaboration described above, was published in November 2013, together with a report that analyses the data from the map. A second version of the map, with an accompanying analysis, has been finalised in May 2014. This second version has been published in October 2014.

In addition to intensive data collection, the project also aims at enhancing the capacity of the Congolese mining administration (Cadastre Minier and SAESSCAM) and civil society to conduct surveys and create maps for future analysis. For the duration of this project, IPIS established a permanently staffed focal point in Bukavu to coordinate the field research.

IPIS is currently seeking funding to continue the project in 2015-2016. This continuation would entail further updates of the map by way of targeted field visits. The updates would involve strengthening the information flow from the field towards the central level, through synergies with existing information networks and through the development of crowd-sourcing networks. In such a future project, IPIS also hopes to increase the geographic range of the project by extending the area of operations to central Katanga and to Bafwasende territory, Province Orientale.

To visit the latest version (May 2014) of the web map:
For the analysis of this second version of the web map:
Check out the brief presentation of some remarkable facts and figures in the accompanying Infographic

The first version of the map and the accompanying report:

This project is funded by PROMINES (World Bank/DFID) and Belgian Foreign Affairs.

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