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In 2007 we carried out a thorough reorganisation of our library. We transformed it into a working library for our researchers and geared it to our research activities. In the process, we transferred a considerable part of our collection to the Flemish Peace Institute (, which currently is making the works available to the public through the LIBIS online catalogue.

Thematically, our collection is now clustered around our three core themes: arms trade/security, exploitation of natural resources and corporate social responsibility in Sub-Saharan Africa. Besides this, there is also a section with general (politics, history,…) and reference works.

The library is open to the public during office hours. Visitors need to make an appointment and can ask for personal guidance by one of our researchers.

Currently (January 2008) we follow these periodicals:

Africa Confidential
Africa Enery Intelligence
Africa Mining Intelligence
Arms Control Today
Disarmament Diplomacy
Jane’s Defence Weekly
Jane’s International Defence Review
Jeune Afrique
Keesings historisch archief
La lettre du continent
Netherlands Quarterly on Human Rights
NJCM Bulletin
Strategic Survey
The Military Balance
Vrede en veiligheid

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