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IPIS is a research centre that collects, structures, assimilates and processes information into reports, dossiers, articles, briefings, training modules, workshops and lectures.. Our primary target group are governmental, non-governmental and intergovernmental development actors, as well as private corporations and law making bodies. Through channels such as the media, the academic world and think tanks, our information also reaches a wider range of stakeholders. In the largest sense, our target group consists of all individuals and organisations that are committed to peace, human rights and development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our ‘action research’ focuses on facts and figures rather than on theoretical knowledge, because we wish to offer practical solutions – workable policy recommendations, training, capacity enhancing workshops – to our primary target group, after the diagnostic research phase. IPIS research activities are structured into four research programmes, around which IPIS has built a unique, field-based expertise and network over the last 25 years.

  • The research programme Arms Trade & Security sheds light on facts related to the opaque international arms trade with and in our region of focus. The analysis of these data offers insights into the consequences of arms flows on conflict and underdevelopment, and recommendations to prevent the proliferation of arms in Sub-Saharan Africa. In this respect, IPIS investigates logistical chains and infrastructure that facilitate arms transfers to our focus region.
  • The research programme Natural Resources brings in-depth research on the exploitation of natural resources and puts into perspective issues such as the redistribution of rents, poor governance and corruption, the financing of conflicts.
  • The research programme Business & Human Rights deals with corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the role of the private sector in our focus region. In the course of many years we have witnessed the potential of private companies to create wealth and promote peace, as well as conflict and inequality. The research focuses on all aspects of sustainable development, respect for human rights, and the implementation of self-regulatory and legal frameworks. At the request of our clients we apply our CSR expertise in the development of methodologies which can also be employed outside our region of focus.
  • The research programme Conflict Mapping aims to map the various motives of conflict actors. A significant part of this research is devoted to the collection of reliable data on the field and its visualisation into cartographic material.

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